Location: Tianjin, China

The 2nd Symposium on Biomass/Wastes Energy and Environment (BEE 2019) will be held in Tianjin, China, on May 23-26, 2019. The symposium will be hosted by Tianjin University, which is the first modern-style University in China, established in 1895 initially named "Peiyang University".

BioEnergy is foreseen to play an important role in near-future energy picture in particular for oil and gas market. However, major disputes, such as food supply security, environmental and ecological uncertainties and associated biodiversity, are arising and spreading among politicians and the public. These disputes may significantly hinder BioEnergy development in the dimension of technical and policy aspects.

This Symposium aims to provide an open platform for sharing information related to updated development of BioEnergy technologies and policy as well as associated environmental concerns, so as to promote interactions among academics, government and the industries.


  1. Biomass/Wastes feedstocks and characterization

  2. Biomass/wastes to energy technologies: 1. bio-gas 2. bio-oils 3.bio-power 4.bio-diesel
    5.bio-hydrogen 6.bio-fuels 7. bio-char/bio-fertilizer

  3. Modelling and simulation

  4. Environmental issues related to Energy production and its application

  5. Economic, environmental, ecological assessment, and Policy making

Website: http://www.bee2019-tju.com/