On Oct 14th, the Shenzhen Talent Training Institute held a symposium on energy and environment. C-CBC Director Xiaotao Bi was invited to exchange ideas with distinguished talents in Shenzhen and to discuss global environmental protection and new energy technology development trends.

The symposium aims to further enhance the understanding of distinguished talents in Shenzhen on the development trend of global environmental protection and new energy technologies, and help Shenzhen to promote the construction of innovative demonstration zones for national sustainable development agendas. At the symposium, Dr. Bi referred to the example of the promotion of new energy vehicles, proposed that the development and promotion of new energy technologies should consider the whole life cycle and regional conditions, form an environmentally friendly clean energy system, and promote a low-carbon circular economy. He called for the economic structure to shift from the current "resource type" to the "circular type" economic development. He also pointed out that as the economy develops, society's demand for energy will continue to grow, greenhouse gas emissions will continue to increase, and improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emission intensity are significant challenges of the future energy revolution. In response to the issues of garbage disposal and treatment, marine environmental protection, solid waste treatment and other issues raised by the participants, Dr. Bi also shared his own experiences and views in detail.

Source: Shenzhen Evening News: https://app.myzaker.com/news/article.php?pk=5bc316871bc8e03e7a00028d