Recent publications

• Wei Yang, Youjian Zhu, Wei Cheng, Huiying Sang, Hanping Chen. Effect of minerals and binders on particulate matter emission from biomass pellets combustion. Applied Energy. 215 (2018) 106-115
• Xingzhong Yuan, Xiaowei Ding, Lijian Leng, Hui Li, Jianguang Shao, Yingying Qian, Huajun Huang, Xiaohong Chen, Guangming Zeng. Applications of bio-oil-based emulsions in a DI diesel engine: The effects of bio-oil compositions on engine performance and emissions. Energy. 2018. 154:110-118
• Jan Laesecke, Naoko Ellis, Patrick Kirchen. Production, analysis and combustion characterization of biomass fast pyrolysis oil – Biodiesel blends for use in diesel engines. Fuel. 199 (2017) 346-357
• Shiliang Wu, Hongwei Yang, Jun Hu, Dekui Shen, Huiyan Zhang, Rui Xiao. The miscibility of hydrogenated bio-oil with diesel and its applicability test in diesel engine: A surrogate (ethylene glycol) study. Fuel Processing Technology. 2017. 161: 162-168


Co-Combustion Reactor - at the Polytechnique Montréal

    Jamal Chaouki


Single cylinder diesel research engine to evaluate bio-fuels - at the University of British Columbia

    Patrick Kirchen


Aerosol laboratory for engine emission studies - at the University of British Columbia

    Steven Rogak