Recent publications

• Hui Li, Siyuan Wang, Zhongliang Huang, Xingzhong Yuan, Ziliang Wang, Rao He, Yanni Xi, Xuan Zhang, Mengjiao Tan, Jing Huang, Dan Mo, Changzhu Li. Effect of hydrothermal carbonization on storage process of woody pellets: pellets' properties and aldehydes/ketones emission. Bioresource Technology. 2018. 260: 115-123
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• Ali Abedi, Ajay K. Dalai. Study on the quality of oat hull fuel pellets using bio-additives. Biomass and Bioenergy. 2017. 106: 166-175
• Hasti Hosseinizand, Shahab Sokhansanj, C. Jim Lim. Co-pelletization of microalgae Chlorella vulgaris and pine sawdust to produce solid fuels. Fuel Processing Technology. 2018. 177: 129-139.
• Qiang Hu, Haiping Yang, Hanshen Xu, Zhiqiang Wu, Jim Lim, Xiaotao Bi, Hanping Chen. Thermal behavior and reaction kinetics analysis of pyrolysis and subsequent in-situ gasification of torrefied biomass pellets. Energy Conversion and Management. 2018. 161: 205-214.
• Hamid Rezaei, Shahab Sokhansanj, C. Jim Lim. Minimum fluidization velocity of ground chip and ground pellet particles of woody biomass. Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification. 2018. 124: 222-234.
• Hamid Rezaei, Shahab Sokhansanj. Physical and thermal characterization of ground bark and ground wood particles. Renewable Energy. 2018. 129: 583-590
• Yong Tang, Richard P. Chandra, Shahab Sokhansanj, Jack N. Saddler. Influence of steam explosion processes on the durability and enzymatic digestibility of wood pellets. Fuel. 2018. 211: 87-94
• Hamid Rezaei, Shahab Sokhansanj, Xiaotao Bi, C. Jim Lim, Anthony Lau. A numerical and experimental study on fast pyrolysis of single woody biomass particles. Applied Energy. 2017. 198: 320-331


Biomass pelletization plant 30,000 tonne/year production - at Hebei province, China

    Tingzhou Lei


Biomass pelletization plant 100,000 tonne/year production - at Ruzhou, Henan Province, China

    Tingzhou Lei   


Biomass pelletization facility manufacturing plant - at Luoyang, China

    Tingzhou Lei


Pretreatment and pellet studies - at the University of British Columbia

    Shahabaddine Sokhansanj


Pelletization machine - Beijing Forestry University in collaboration with Zhongtian Tongyuan Hi-Tech

    Guosheng Yu