C-CJCBERI received the visiting of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) delegation on Dec 2nd, 2016. The delegation is led by Mr. Weiping Liu, Party Vice Secretary and Vice President of CAS. President Liu introduced the up-to-date policy and progress of CAS's oversea talent recruiting and personel training, and emphasized CAS's important role during the 13th Five-Year Plan years. CAS is going to have more openings for oversea and returning scholars and experts and further collaborate with international organizations and individuals on research and training.

Dr. Xiaotao Bi gave a presentation on the clean energy and bioenergy research of BC province, UBC, and C-CJCBERI. He also had discussions with the delegation on the joint programs of talent recruiting and training, and provided feedback and suggestions on these programs.

Other delegation members include staff members from International Collaboration Department and Personnel Department of CAS. Consul for Science and Technology, Ms. Haiying Yu from Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver also joint the visiting. After the meetings, President Liu presented the certificate to Dr. Bi for winning the title of 2016 "CAS Oversea Expert Assessor". Then Dr. Bi guided the delegation for a lab tour in UBC Chemical and Biological Engineering Department and the UBC Clean Energy Research Centre.