Dr. Xiaotao Bi co-chaired Fluidization XV Conference in Montebello, Quebec, Canada during May 22-26, 2016. More than 200 participants attended the conference. Around 80 papers through rigorous peer review will be published as a special issue on Powder Technology.

The four-day conference consisted of 8 keynote speeches and 3 parallel sessions. Keynote speakers included our member Guangwen Xu (Institute of Process Engineering, CAS, China), along with Olivier Simonin (Institut de Mecanique des Fluides de Toulouse CNRS/INPT/UPS), Piero Salatino (Universita Degli Studi Di Napoli Federico II, Italy), Leslaw Mleczko (Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Germany), Thierry Gauthier (IFPEN, France),  Liang-Shih Fan (The Ohio State University, USA),  Ludvik Martinu (Polytechnique Montreal, Canada), and Guangxi Yue (CAE, Tsinghua University, China).

All participants presented their state of the art researches and exchanged thoughts and ideas. Topics included fluidization of irregular shape particles, micro-fluidized bed reactors, clean energy processes, fundamentals, coating technologies and fluidized nanoparticles, chemical looping combustion (CLC) and many more.

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