On August 16th and 17th, C-CBC member Prof. Changzhu Li, Director of Hunan Academy of Forestry (HAF), and Prof. Lijuan Jiang from Central South University Forestry and Technology visited UBC and FPInnovations. C-CBC Director Xiaotao Bi and Manager Siduo Zhang, and C-CBC member Dr. Wenli Duo, received the visit. Prof. Hui Li, Deputy Director of the Institute of Biological and Environmental Engineering at HAF who is currently a visiting professor at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at UBC, accompanied the visit.

A meeting was conducted at UBC to review the collaboration work between HAF and UBC through C-CBC’s platform which includes joint funding application, student and scholar exchanges, affiliated industry program, etc. The attendees planned for the next steps to further the collaboration. HAF is strong in the field of turning woody energy plants into bioenergy and bioresources. The two organizations will develop joint research and development projects, train students and scholars, and commercialize promising new technologies by involving industry members.

After the meeting, Prof. Li and Prof. Jiang visited a pilot scale dual fluidized bed biomass gasifier. This gasifier is developed by a group of UBC C-CBC members. It can process 10-15kg biomass per hour and produce synthesis gas with a heating value of 12MJ/m3. Hunan Province is a large forestry province with also active agricultural industries. Large amount of agricultural and forestry residues are generated each year. Gasification is one of the major pathways to produce bioenergy. Prof. Li inquired about the gasifier regarding its features, applicability, and operation, and discussed the latest technology innovation and development. The two organizations intend to further exchange scholars and engineers to develop technologies and facilities that meet the market demand.

At FPInnovations, Prof. Li and Prof. Jiang toured the experiment and demonstration facilities. Dr. Wenli Duo guided the tour and introduced the recent research and development work at FPInnovations. A meeting was held to discuss potential collaborations between the two organizations.