C-CJCBERI received the visit of Ms. Wei Huang, Deputy Director, Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality and Mr. Yi Ding, Shenzhen Science, Technology and Innovation Commission from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, China on Sep 18th.

Ms. Huang gave a presentation to introduce City of Shenzhen and the “Peacock Plan”. Shenzhen is the first Special Economic Zone of China and is known as “the most innovative city in China”. Its location links Hong Kong to mainland China and it’s an open and fast-growing city. Its development has been strongly focused on new science and technology and in the recent years, it has received talents, entrepreneurs, and companies from all over the world. “Peacock Plan” is a program by Shenzhen Municipal Government with large amount of funding to attract competent experts, talents, teams, and start-up companies from abroad.

Dr. Xiaotao Bi presented C-CJCBERI and the recent work in clean energy field at UBC which was of great interest to the guests. Shenzhen Government identifies Clean Energy field as an important sector to support. The city and the “Peacock Plan” are surely attractive to outstanding graduates from UBC to start a career in China as well as to established experts who want to leap to a new level. There are likely collaboration opportunities between Shenzhen and C-CJCBERI in the near future.

Here is the slides introducing City of Shenzhen and the “Peacock Plan”.