On October 19th, at the invitation of C-CBC member Dr. Hui Li, 4 Canadian members visited Hunan Academy of Forestry (HAF) in Changsha, China: Prof. Jim Lim, C-CBC Manager Siduo Zhang, Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Ziliang Wang, and PhD student Long Cheng. They respectively presented on "Introduction of China-Canada Bioenergy Centre (C-CBC)", "A new application of slot-rectangular spouted bed on biomass torrefaction", and "Catalytic tar reduction utilizing natural and waste materials as catalyst". HAF is one of C-CBC's founding member institutes and so far the only academic member organization in Hunan Province. Up to now, HAF has signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of British Columbia, co-published 7 SCI papers, and facilitated 18 scholar exchanges and visits.

There were over 30 local researchers and experts attended the seminar which include Dr. Zhenming Wu, Director of HAF, Dr. Minggao Chen, Vice Director of HAF, management faculty from the Institute of Biotechnology, the Institute of Bioenvironmental Engineering, the Institute of Bioenergy, and the Institute of Bamboo Research, Prof. Zhiguo Zhang from Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, and faculty and students from Hunan University, Central South University of Forestry and Science, and Hunan Agricultural University. During the seminar, the attendees from both countries conducted detailed exchanges on the development status of China-Canada Bioenergy Center, personnel training and exchange mechanism, research topics of biomass torrefaction in fluidized bed, and catalytic tar cracking technology. Dr. Zhenming Wu pointed out that this collaboration provides a good opportunity for research and development of different disciplines, industries and departments. He hopes that the researchers in C-CBC will actively explore the industrialization of bioenergy technologies and the promotion of ecological environmental protection.