We are glad to announce that the first annual workshop of C-CJCBERI will be held on May 9th, 2016 at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The goal of this workshop is to finalize detailed collaboration plans, identify collaboration areas and projects, understand market trend in bioenergy field in the two countries and globally, and sign MOUs on joint PhD program and student exchange program.

This one-day workshop will be hosted by Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The attendees include faculty members from both countries, guests from governments and funding agencies, and students and scholars in bioenergy field. After the workshop, the faculty members from Canada will visit some of the Chinese partner institutes. They will learn more about the development of bioenergy field in China, and connect with the specific Chinese partners that have mutual research interests.

If you need more information about the workshop or want to attend the event, please email us at info@ccjcberi.center or call +1-604-822-6967.