Date: Aug 14th - 17th, 2017
Location: Syracuse, USA

      International Conference on Biomass Conversion and Renewable Materials 2017 (ICBCRM’17) is a convocation of the world's leading biorefinery and renewable materials scientists, policy makers, financiers and corporate representatives. It is organized jointly by SUNY ESF, Guangxi University.

      Attendees of ICBCRM '17 in Syracuse will be able to attend peer presentations on the latest in technical advances in the fields that underpin the science and engineering of biomass conversion and renewable materials. Attendees will also be able to attend a series of plenary sessions that focus on the range of opportunities for moving biomass conversion and renewable materials to commercialization, and on the need and methods used for making biomass technologies and renewable materials a sustainable benefit to society, the economy, and the environment within which they are operating.

      The general program format will include two days of keynote, technical and poster presentations. Two days after the technical sessions will be devoted to tours of the Finger Lakes, New York City and Niagara Falls, showing off the beauty and excitement of New York State.  

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