The C-CBC 2019 Annual Meeting was successfully held on May 31st at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Reviewing the progress since 2018 Annual Meeting, four organizations and six professors or researchers have joint C-CBC. In total there are 40 partner organizations and 76 faculty members now. C-CBC has received the highest amount of funding in the past year since its establishment in 2015. Three groups of Canadian and Chinese members received grants from a partnership program by the China Ministry of Science and Technology and National Resource Council Canada. Another group of members received funding from the Guangdong Province in China. And a team led by Xiaotao Bi at UBC was awarded major funding by Western Economic Diversification Canada.

C-CBC initiated and led the Bioenergy Theme of the Canada China Track II Energy Dialogue. Directors Tianwei Tan and Xiaotao Bi hosted the first theme meeting in Beijing in January 2019 and delivered a report to the governments and industries of the two countries. Several technologies are moving on to demonstration scale including biomass torrefaction, gasification, and microwave-assisted pyrolysis. And UBC is continuously hosting visiting students and scholars from Chinese partners such as Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, China Agricultural University, Nanjing Tech University, and Tianjin University.

The members discussed plans for the next year. C-CBC will keep leading the Bioenergy Theme of the Canada China Track II Energy Dialogue, and stay involved in the Sustainable Biofuels Innovation Challenge (IC4) of Mission Innovation (MI) initiative. Members will actively apply for new collaboration programs at all levels. Technology development will be further supported and more student and scholar exchanges will be facilitated.