Since the last report in July 2018, C-CBC has recruited 4 faculty members and 3 member organizations, with a current membership of 76 researchers and 40 organizations. Four China-Canada teams have been awarded significant research grants in provincial and federal programs. The Biorefining Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC) funded by the Canadian Foundation of Innovation (CFI) in 2017 is under design and the construction will start in fall 2019 at UBC. Another major funding has recently been granted by Western Economic Diversification Canada, supporting a BioAlliance project on the production of synthesis gas and renewable natural gas (RNG) from forest residues. C-CBC co-organized the 6th International Conference on Biomass Energy (ICBE 2018) in October 2018 at Wuhan, China, and co-organized the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Biofuels with Mission Innovation (MI) in April 2019 at Yantai, China. We also initiated and led the Bioenergy Dialogue of the Canada China Track II Energy Dialogue and hosted the first meeting in Beijing in January 2019. In terms of student and scholar training, C-CBC has hosted 17 new postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and visiting students from Chinese member universities.

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