On October 31, our members Dr. Xiaotao Bi, Dr. Anthony Lau, and Dr. Jim Lim were invited by Vancouver Consul General Ms. Fei Liu to attend a dinner seminar on Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Vancouver China Consulate-General.

During the seminar, Dr. Bi introduced C-CJCBERI and presented progresses and plans. After the G20 Summit in Hangzhou and Chinese PM Keqiang Li’s visit to Canada, China and Canada have expressed great interest in cooperation and collaboration. Clean energy is one of the major topics. Vancouver China Consulate-General has been very supportive to C-CJCBERI since its opening and Consul Liu also expressed encouragement and confidence of its strong growth.

Other attendees include professors, researchers, consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, and media from areas of energy, chemistry, medical technology, and internet technology. C-CJCBERI attracted great interest during the networking after dinner.