Congratulations to two pairs of C-CBC member organizations for being awarded funding from the Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP), National Research Council (NRC) Canada. They are our industry member Nexterra Systems Corp. with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and Highbury Energy Inc. with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China. The awarded projects are “Biomass gasification technology research, development and application” and “Breakthrough Technologies for Bottlenecks in Renewable Liquid Fuels from Wastes”, respectively.

This specific program is under the framework of the “Canada-China Joint Science and Technology Action Plan 2016-2018” and the “Letter of Intent for Cooperation between the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the People's Republic of China and the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada on Industrial Research and Development”. MOST and NRC match funding for paired organizations from each country. C-CBC has been included to the “Action Plan” since 2016 thus its members qualify for this designated program. C-CBC will strive to gain more opportunities like this for our members.