On April 2nd to 4th, 2019, the "Mission Innovation (MI)- the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Biofuels" co-organized by the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province and the Yantai Municipal Government, was successfully held in Penglai, Yantai. More than 70 experts and scholars from 10 countries, representatives of governments and enterprises at all levels attended the opening ceremony. C-CBC Director Xiaotao Bi, member Longlong Ma, Fernando Preto attended the conference.

With the theme of “sustainability, innovation and interconnection of biofuels”, the conference has five sections: biochemical conversion technology, catalytic conversion technology, thermochemical conversion technology, solid molding fuel and combustion, and “Mission Innovation” countries’ industrialization development opportunities. Experts from six member countries including China, Canada, India, Brazil, the Netherlands and Germany were invited to present their national development on biofuels. They also introduced the global innovation and technological revolution in the renewable energy industry technology, and proposed new ideas and new methods for the globalization and commercialization of renewable energy. Longlong Ma congratulated the successful organizing of the conference, and handed over the MI flag to Fernando Preto, the representative of Canada and the host of the next MI ministerial meeting. During the meeting, Deputy Director Linhao Chen of the Department of International Cooperation of the China Ministry of Science and Technology sent a congratulatory short film and expressed cordial greetings to all the guests.

This international conference strengthened cooperation and exchanges among MI member countries, reached an international collaboration on biofuel projects through enhanced information exchange, and raised public awareness by seeking government participation to achieve sustainable biofuels. The consensus of commercialization has actively and effectively promoted the scale and sustainable development of sustainable biofuels and promoted the continuous innovation of biofuel technology.

Mission Innovation (MI) is a permanent global high-level forum cooperation mechanism. Since 2016, MI has established 8 innovation challenges. Among them, Innovation Challenge #4 (IC4) is the “Sustainable Biofuel Innovation Challenge”.

Source: http://www.giec.cas.cn/ttxw2016/201904/t20190404_5270756.html