On June 11th, Mr. Chen Wang, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress led a delegation to visit UBC and C-CBC. C-CBC Director Xiaotao Bi received the delegation along with the President of UBC Prof. Santa Ono, UBC Vice-Provost International Prof. Murali Chandrashekaran, Chinese Ambassador Mr. Shaye Lu, Chinese Consul General at Vancouver Ms. Xiaoling Tong, other staff members from the Chinese Embassy and Chinese Consulate General, and a group of C-CBC members. The delegation toured our Centre and the UBC Clean Energy Research Centre. During the visit, the delegation asked about UBC's latest progress on bioenergy, hydrogen energy, fuel cells, and environmental protection. They were especially interested in pilot, demonstration, and commercialized scale projects. Mr. Wang paid close attention to the scientific and technological collaboration and cultural exchanges between China and Canada. He expressed great support to our Center and actively asked about the recent work.

Dr. Xiaotao Bi introduced C-CBC's establishment and development in details. Under the great support from the governments and partners from the two countries, C-CBC now has 36 partner institutes from across Canada and China and 71 researcher members, including 12 Fellows of Canadian or Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering. Since its establishment, C-CBC has received over 5.5 million CAD funding in total with another 10 million CAD funding applied. The delegation was impressed by our achievement. Mr. Wang encouraged our members to strive for higher goals and enhance the collaboration between the two countries on clean technologies including bioenergy. Together we are confident to will make C-CBC as a leading international collaboration platform on bioenergy.