C-CBC Director Xiaotao Bi visited East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), Liaoning University of Technology (LUT), and Nanjing Tech University (NTU) from May 21st to 25th.

At ECUST, the Dean of Chemical Engineering College held a meeting with Dr. Bi regarding the recently established "International Research Centre on Green Energy and Green Chemical Engineering", which was supported by the China Ministry of Science and Technology. Dr. Bi advised on the structure and management of an international centre, and the potential research areas and projects. They also discussed about faculty and scholars training and development, and joint applications for programs and funding. Then Dr. Bi gave an academic presentation to the faculty and students of the college.

At LUT, the President Dr. Shaocheng Tong met with Dr. Bi expressing his interest to initiate academic and research collaborations with Canada. They discussed about young faculty and graduate students exchanges, joint application to research programs, and further development of the departments of chemical engineering, environment, and renewable energy. Dr. Bi welcomed the faculty and students from LUT to visit Canada, and participated in C-CBC's programs and events. After the meeting, Dr. Tong formally appointed Dr. Bi as a guest professor of LUT. And Dr. Bi visited the sludge and agricultural wastes pelletization pilot plant at the Biomass Energy Utilization Engineering Center.

NTU is a new partner university who joint C-CBC in 2017. During the visit, Dr. Bi met with C-CBC members Dr. Yanhua Xu, Dean of Environmental Engineering College and Dr. Lei Wang, professor from Environmental Engineering College. They planned for academic research collaborations, scholars and students exchange, international program application, and technology commercialization. Dr. Bi also toured the labs and visited NJTECH Environment Technology Co., Ltd. who is also a partner of C-CBC.