On May 26th, a delegation from the Department of Energy Conservation, Science & Technology, and Equipment, China National Energy Administration, visited C-CBC. The delegation was led by the Department Director, Mr. Siqiang Wang. Consul Haiying Yu from the Consulate-General of China in Vancouver, C-CBC members Dr. Jim Lim, Dr. Wenli Duo, Dr. Hui Li, and C-CBC Manager Siduo Zhang hosted the visit on UBC campus.

At the seminar meeting, our members introduced the establishment and development of C-CBC, and the research areas and latest achievements. They also presented the pilot and commercialization projects, the bioenergy policies in Canada and BC, and the future trend on bioenergy technology. Director Wang introduced China's rapid development in the field of clean energy in recent years, as well as industry and market updates, technological advantages and needs. Consul Yu shared the experience of bridging the two countries in science and technology development and compared recent work in bioenergy and hydrogen energy fields. All the participants were actively involved in the learning and discussions. They identified specific areas that could further enhance understanding and potential collaborations in the near future.

After the seminar, the delegation visited the Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility by Nexterra Systems Corp. located at UBC. The project costed 27.4 million Canadian dollars and has been in operation since 2012. It consumes two to three trucks of woody biomass wastes every day. Gasification of the biomass produces 6 megawatts of heat per hour using the produced syngas, which supplies 30% of the total heat demand of the campus.

New connections were built after the visit and the group will stay in touch to learn about the latest technologies and the market trend in bioenergy and clean energy field. They will create collaboration opportunities for the researchers and industry players in the two countries for win-win solutions.